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Parent-Teen Talk 101

     Your teen wants more independence and to be heard.  You want to make it through the next few  years with as few grey hairs as possible.  Have you tried all that you know to do in an attempt to bring peace and a sense of normalcy into your home to no avail?  Parent-Teen Talk 101 uses a non-threatening group format to bring about healthy change in your parent-teen relationship.  Come prepared to laugh and to see the pull and tug taking place in a whole new way.  (this workshop is designed for parent and teen participation)



     Does your tween/teen find it difficult to manage his/her emotions or have issues related to low self-esteem and/or social anxiety?  CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS 4 Emotional Well-Being uses creative arts to process emotions while addressing issues related to overall emotional wellness.  Designed for tweens/teens 11-16 years of age. (tween/teen may be required to be currently engaged in services with a therapy provider prior to and during group)


Beyond the Cake and Honeymoon 

     Are you engaged or contemplating marriage?  Do you desire to have a godly marriage built on a strong foundation?  If so, Beyond the Cake and Honeymoon is for you.  Many people put more time into planning their wedding than into preparing for a marriage that can stand the test of time.  Beyond the Cake and Honeymoon will allow you to take a good look at your relationship strengths, look at areas needing improvement and explore how to have a covenant-based rather than contract-based marriage.

Blending Mine, Yours and Ours God's Way 

      Bringing together two families is not always easy.  Many obstacles can stand in the way from competing loyalties to desires for fairness and equity.  There is a way to get and stay on the same page in blending your families that can decrease the struggles and increase opportunities for bonding and limitless possibilities.  Blending Mine, Yours and Ours God's Way offers a new perspective on blending your family in a way that honors God's will for peace and joy in your home. 


Intentionally Loving You 

     If you are ready for a fresh start to loving and being loved as God intended, The Intentionally Loving You Retreat is where you ought to be.  You'll have fun engaging in activities that will help you to look at your marriage through the lens of covenant and grace. Great marriages don't just happen so join us for a relaxing time of intentionally loving your mate.  


Marriage RealTalk Series 

     Are you single?  Do you desire to have insight into marriage that can prepare you for the journey of marital bliss, should you decide to take it.  Marriage RealTalk offers singles an opportunity to engage in real conversation about all-things marriage, from expectations to roles.  We'll even talk about the dreaded D word (divorce).  Want to build the foundation for a healthy marriage before you say, "I Do"?  That healthy foundation starts with Y O U.

Shar'ron Mason is also available for speaking engagements.  Please send a message if you would like Shar'ron to speak at your upcoming event.  Possible topics: Parenting/Marriage-Relationships/Mental-Emotional Healthcare/Navigating Adolescence

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