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Whether you're looking to attend a workshop/retreat or desiring to have an event planned/facilitated for your congregation/group, I would love to discuss how I can accommodate your needs.

The workshop was helpful.  I was able to utilize the tools learned in the class in my marriage.          


Building a Healthy Soul Connection participant

The workshop has helped to remind and realign priorities to keep our relationship healthy and moving in a positive direction.  


Building a Healthy Soul Connection participant

The workshop was very good to help me understand better what a marriage is and help me to change for the better.    


Pre-marital workshop participant

Enjoyed discussing real life issues and biblical, practical approaches to strengthening our relationships.  Lots of fun and laughter.  Timely.  

Pre-marital workshop participant

Punk-Proof Your Marriage/Future Marriage-Based off of Shar'ron's new book, Marriage Ain't for Punks, this workshop will allow you to examine and deal with your relationship-repellent attitudes, behaviors and characteristics in a fun interactive setting


Beyond the Cake & Honeymoon-Pre-marital workshop designed to allow you to delve into many issues that can cause conflict later in the marriage if not addressed/discussed prior to marriage


Parent-Teen Talk 101-Your teen wants his/her independence.  You just want to make it through the next few years with as few grey hairs as possible.  Parent-Teen Talk will help you to build a better relationship with your teen through healthy dialogue and mutual respect

Other workshops/topics also available.  Don't see a workshop that meets your needs?  Contact me.  Let's talk.

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