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And once she embraces this truth, she'll own a truth that can never be taken away!

Self-Confidence. Self-Esteem. Self-Love. These are all attributes that we desire to positively instill in our girls. This is Good Hair is ALL about these things and so much more.

Do you want to give your girl the tools to embrace and LOVE her natural hair? Do you want to equip her to deal with difficult emotions, negative external feedback and peer pressure? Are you searching for good resources to address situations that your girl may be facing now or in the future. If so, this is the book you've been looking for.

Join Angelina as she tackles a topic that continues to impact women and girls, young and more seasoned: GOOD HAIR/BAD HAIR. Angelina's only in 2nd grade; however, she'll soon learn that she has the tools to conquer this issue. And your girl will as well.

Through compassion, carefully crafted questions, and appropriate humor, This is Good Hair gives an inside look into an impactful heart to heart conversation between a mother and daughter.

This book helps to reinforce and encourage positive messages of loving and accepting yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY: even those parts that others may not appreciate, love or accept.

What's inside this book:

  • A powerful story of a girl learning to love and appreciate her hair, her beauty, her uniqueness
  • A mother's greater understanding of the messages that her daughter receives from the "world"
  • Prompts to open up dialogue and gauge understanding
  • Powerful affirmations to instill and reinforce positive messages
  • Emotional Intelligence tools
  • Word search and activity pages

Girls love this book because it:

  • Supports a healthy self-image
  • Helps them to put words to their emotions
  • Helps them to develop confidence in their ability to problem solve
  • Gives tools to cope with difficult situations
  • Gives them a voice in sharing their experiences
  • Empowers them to reject those things that do not build them up



"Loved the themes/content covered in this book. I am always searching for books with positive representation of people/kids of color. Highly recommend having this one on the bookshelf!"
R. Zimmermann, LCSW

"What a lovely book to support young girls exploring their self-esteem and self-confidence as it relates to their hair and identity. I think the font you used was perfect for that age and book was not too long or too short. It's great that you provided some prompts at the end of the story to open up the conversation further. The illustrations were done very well and I especially liked the page that had various hair styles and looks..."

J. Biffle, MS, LMHC

This is Good Hair

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