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Self-Confidence. Teamwork. Problem solving skills. These are all attributes that we desire to positively instill in our children. Kids Can Be Superheroes Too is ALL about these things and so much more.

Join Journee and her superhero family/friends as they take on the meany Mr. Biggs. Will they be able to stop him from tearing down their favorite place to play or will he be able to succeed in ruining their lives?

Kids Can Be Superheros Too is a motivating and uplifting story for all little children. It's a confidence builder and a lesson on resolve, unity, and determination while also being a really fun story. This is the book that'll give your child a good time and also a create positive message. This book helps to reinforce and encourage positive messages of harnessing your inner strength and working together as a team.

This rhyming picture book is sure to keep your 6 to 11 year olds attention.

What's inside this book:

  • A powerful story of kids coming together to fight for what they truly love
  • An example of creative problem solving
  • Prompts to open up dialogue and gauge understanding
  • Word search and activity pages

Kids love this book because it:

  • Helps them to develop confidence in their ability to problem solve
  • Supports a sense of unity and teamwork
  • Gives tools to cope with difficult situations
  • Helps them to put words to their emotions
  • Gives them a voice in sharing their experiences

Kids Can Be Superheroes Too!

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