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Gratitude has a way of shifting the heart and mind in unimaginable ways. Few things have as profound an impact on our overall well-being as gratitude. It has a way of shifting our inner experience in a way that overrides our outer experience. So many things are outside of our control; yet, here is this powerful force that is within our control that isn't discussed, utilized or focused on nearly enough.


My desire as a mental/emotional/relational health professional is to support those I encounter in creating the life that they desire. Oftentimes, the desire for a greater sense of peace is a primary goal. The alleviation or diminishment of stress, overwhelm, anxious and depressed feelings are also desired. I have found the heart condition and mindset of gratitude to be beneficial in this plight and necessary for joy to be more than a fleeting visitor.

He IS Grateful! Gratitude Journal

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